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Central Committee

The Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee is the backbone of the local party. It is composed of elected or appointed neighborhood (precinct) committee people. A number of precincts in a given area make up a ward. Precinct leaders in each ward elect their ward chairs. The Central Committee Leadership team elected by the Central Committee members at their organizational meeting in June 2006:

Doug Haynam – Chairman

Karen Rogalski – Secretary

Todd Zimmerman – Treasurer

In Lucas County there are 40 wards and 495 precincts. Many precincts have openings for party representation. To qualify for consideration, one needs to be willing to work your assigned precinct in a number of ways helping Republican candidates get elected. This is a grassroots effort to help all of our local, statewide and national candidates in their efforts to get elected. We don’t ask too much, just talk to your friends and neighbors! This is a great way to get involved with your own area and get to know people while helping your local party.

Consider becoming active in the party at the grass roots (precinct) level. Meet more like-minded people. Get to know our elected officials and candidates. Learn while you contribute in a meaningful way!

Contact us at or call us at 419-482-0506.

Volunteer for our candidates

Maybe the Central Committee isn’t for you, we still need your help! Our candidates are always looking for volunteers to help in a variety of ways. If you talking to people try the phone banks or door to door, if you don’t like talking to people thats ok too, we need people to put up yard signs, drop literature, help at the polls, and many other opportunities! Call us and we will find a something that fits your personal style!

Contact us at or call us at 419-482-0506.